St Cyprian Anglican Basic

St Cyprian Anglican  Basic

Introduction To St Cyprian Anglican  Basic 

The founder of the school is Mr. Justice Nyarko. The school was started on the 16th of November, 1992. At that time, the school was Oduo Atsim Memorial School. It was named after the father-in-law of Mr. Justice Nyarko (the then head teacher of the school). From 1996 to 1997, the name of the school was change to Obeyeyei International School.

As the pupils began increasing, the name of the school was once again changed to Living Foundation Preparatory School (Leform Preparatory School). This name had its genesis from the head teacher’s church. One day, Mr. Justice Nyarko contacted Numo Tettey to give him a piece of land so that he could put up a structure for the school. As at that time, the school was nearer to Nii Ali Amarsey’s house. This house was actually bought by S.S. Sowah. (That is, the head teacher’s brother-in-law) Mr. Sowah did travel and the supposed owners of the land took it. This was what prompted Mr. Nyarko to contact Numo Tetteh for assistance.

Numo Tettey delegated Numo Yartey-Tse Okai to show the land to the head teacher. According to this man, the land belonged to the Nsakina community. Mr. Nyarko had to pay an amount of GH50 in addition to two bottles of schnapps to be given to the Nsakina stool elders. The building of the school was started in the year 1998 since the land was released to him in that year.

After this, the Living Foundation Church extended a helping hand since Mr. Nyarko was a pastor in the church. Through one woman who worked at F.O.A (Ms. Esther Nunoo) recommended the Canadian Embassy came to offer their support. At first, the embassy did not want to approve the application because the school was a private one. In respect to this, the name of the school was changed to Obeyeyie Community School. Following the embassy’s approval, building materials of all sort including cement, blocks, iron rods among others was donated by the embassy to help put up a three classroom block and an office. This was a great step and turn-around in the life of the school.

Not long after this advancement there was a tragedy. A strong wind blew and as a result the building collapsed. He (Mr. Nyarko) therefore wrote a letter of absorption to the Anglican Diocese who accepted and approved his application. They established three classroom blocks for the school. Also, the name of the school was finally changed to St. Cyprian’s Anglican School. They have been the main source of help up till date. The three classroom blocks seemed not enough due to the increase in pupil population. Mr. Nyarko contacted one sister Joana of Jonata Foundation (an N.G.O) for assistance. With her help, they contacted the mtn foundation and a four classroom block and an office was established.

The government through the A.G.E.S also in 2012 put up six classrooms, an office, and library to help the community. Currently, the school has a population of 366 pupils made up of (36 KG pupils, and 330 primary pupils) and 9 teachers. In summary, this is the chronology of the school.

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