Achiaman MA Primary

Achiaman MA Primary

Introduction To Achiaman MA Primary

On 1st March, 1995, Achiaman M / A Primary School commenced with an enrollment of thirty-two pupils. The pupils were taught by two National Service Personnel namely Mr. Eric Nkansah Ofori and Mr. Paul Doe as teachers. On 14th march 1995, the School was supplied with its first teaching and learning logistics. The National Service Personnel worked in the School for one year to complete their service for 1994 / 95 academic year. In 1995 / 96 academic year, four Trained Teachers were posted to the school and Mrs. Joyce Ocansey was appointed as the Head Teacher. Pupils’ enrollment stood at one hundred and three at the time. On the 12th July 1996, the first Parent Teacher Association meeting was held.On 11th December, 1996, Ms Eunice Dzoagbe was posted to the school as the new Head Teacher. A year later, Ms Eunice Dzoagbe was transferred and was replaced by Ms Mercy Addo Amoakoa. Later Ms Mercy Addo Amoakoa was also transferred and was replaced by Ms Stella Lartey. She held the post for most years and was later transferred to be replaced by Ms Alice Apeanti, the current Head Teacher.Since the establishment of the school, there has seen a number of NGO activities in the school. The Ghana National Association of Teachers and the Canadian Teachers Federation (NKABOM) were the first NGO that visited the school. They came around on a number of occasions to assist in teaching pupils. World Vision, an NGO also came on board to link pupils to benevolent individuals outside the country to help inspire pupils and offer other supports towards the needs of the pupils.
Right to Play, an NGO is also working with the school using play, indoor and outdoor games to develop academic and social proficiency in pupils. Open Learning Exchange with its programme Ghana Reads is the newest NGO that has started working with the school. Their aim is to help every child in Ghana to read and comprehend what they read using 21st century skills and technological devices.
Currently, the enrollment of the school stands at four hundred and ninety-three. The Head Teacher, Ms Alice Apeanti is working with a team of fourteen Trained Teachers and three National Service Personnel.

The school’s vision is to produce responsible adults by making the pupils acquire good moral, social and work ideals and its mission is to attain high proficiency in English reading and speaking to help pupils in other areas of study. The school’s motto is Resting is Rusting.
The vision and mission can be achieved through the following objectives:

  1. Developing human values and personal qualities such as diligence, perseverance, confidence, tolerance and the attitude of sharing in pupils.
  2. Inspire pupils to cultivate the habit and interest in reading
  3. Develop the spirit of innovation, creativity and resourcefulness in pupils
  4. Guide pupils develop attitudes and skills which are derived from creative experiences.

In Achiaman M/A primary, we believe in teamwork, unity and collaboration which bring a sense of belongingness. The hardworking Parent Teacher Association and School Management Committee are part of the formidable team that moves the agenda of the school.

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