Doblo Gonno Methodist Basic

Doblo Gonno Methodist Basic

Introduction To Doblo Gonno Methodist Basic

Doblo Gonno Methodist Basic School was initially Doblo Gonno Community School. It was started by Pastor Kumado, the then Pastor of Evangelical Free Church Doblo Gonno branch in 1986.This idea came as a result of the absence of formal education in the community. Twenty-three pupils were used to start the school.
It started under a shed for a year and then moved to a structure that was provided by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) for gari processing for the women in the community. Mr. Emmanuel Gidi was the only staff by then. Later Mr. Kokroko and Madam Amto joined him.

In the year 2002 the school was again moved to the premises of Evangelical Free Church. Around the same year, the two teachers that joined Mr. Gidi left leaving him alone to teach and handle the affairs of the school. Later in the year, Mr. Emmanuel Sorgah was added to the staff.

In the same year, Mr. Famous Agbanyo the then Assembly man with some members of the community approached the Social Investment Fund (SIF) for a Kindergarten block for the community. The SIF agreed to construct the block on condition that, the community would provide a piece of documented land and also provide 10% of the total cost of the project. Nii Achia ? of Doblo Gonno, his family and the Landlords approved the terms and provided a documented two acres of land. The SIF then provided a three classroom block with a restroom and an office with a store. The community and the Ga West District Assembly provided the ten percent support for the project.

The school block was completed and commissioned in 2003 by Mr. Famous Agbanyo on behalf of the District Chief Executive Mr. Attoh.

In 2004, International Needs Ghana (IN Ghana), acquired a land adjacent the kindergarten block and constructed a six unit classroom block, a dining hall, head teacher’s office, a store, staff room, and a rest room. The organization absorbed the Kindergarten department into the Primary which they started. Mr. Gidi left the school after all that.
A head teacher in the person of Mr. Quaye was employed with the following teachers: Mr. Victor Affort, Ms. Peace Formana, and Mrs. Ernestina Sorgah. After two years in office, Mr. Quaye resigned and Mr. Anthony Okai appointed the new Head Teacher of Doblo Gonno Community School along with the following teachers: Mr. Akwei Allotey, Mr. Emmanuel Tetteh, Mr. Frank Addo, Mr. Frank Formevor and Robert Kudopeh.

In 2008, the school established a Junior High School. Two years after, IN Ghana partnered with the Ghana Education Service and the Methodist unit, so the school became a public school in the Kwashiekumaman Circuit of Ga West Municipal Education Directorate.

The school wrote its first BECE in 2011 with a thirty-three percent pass. Performance improved with the second batch with eighty percent pass making it the best performed in the Kwashikumaman circuit.
Currently the school has a population of Three hundred and eighty-eight from Kindergarten through Primary to Junior High School with seventeen teaching, five non-teaching staff.

Many studies have shown that, good nutrition plays a huge role in academic success. In the same way, poor nutrition adversely effects school performance and overall achievement. For this reason, IN Ghana has a feeding program running in the school to ensure that pupils get the right amount of nutrition needed in its right quantity for learning while in school. A trained and qualified matron is employed with cooks to give pupils the best food needed while they are in school. Through IN Ghana, sponsors from Ghana, USA, Australia, and Canada have made it possible for pupils to get a plate of meal at a meager amount this is because the food has been subsidized so that every child is able to afford a plate of meal.

The vision of the school is to enrich the community with quality education. The mission of the school is to interpret the need for education.

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