St. Anthony Roman Catholic Primary

Introduction to St. Anthony RC Primary

St. Anthony R/C Basic was established on the 24th September, 1996 as a private institution.  On 17th September, 2002 the school was absorbed into the public system of the Catholic Education Unit.

The school has an enrollment of six hundred and fifty-five (655) pupils made up of three hundred and seventeen (317) girls and three hundred and thirty-eight (338) boys with a staff population of twenty-one (21) teachers. It also has four non-teaching staff made up of two teaching at the KG and two administrative support staff.

At St. Anthony R/C Basic we are continually striving to strengthen and improve the positive impact on teachers, pupils and the community by finding new and effective ways of serving our pupils. We seek to turn out pupils that will excel academically, socially and spiritually by providing continuing education of the highest quality with primary emphasis for the future.

St Anthony RC & Active Learning

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St Anthony RC & Active Learning

St Anthony’s RC Lead Teacher is one of the Lead Teachers on the Ghana Reads program who has in her all to make the program a success. Clik on THIS link to see her engage her class in Active Learning as she builds her own winsome TEAM to play and win the ‘Education Match’ for a fun filled quality life long learning experience.

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