Pokuase Methodist ’1′ Primary

Introduction To Pokuase Methodist ’1′ Primary

Pokuase Methodist ‘1’ Basic School is one of the oldest schools established in Pokuase. The school has contributed and still contributes in no small way to the development of the town and its environs. Indeed, countless number of persons has passed through the school, many of whom are occupying responsible positions in society.

The school was formerly housed in an old dilapidated mud structure which became a death trap and not very conducive for teaching and learning. In the early 1990s, the mud structures were pulled down and replaced by pavilions. Unfortunately, the Kindergarten was left out. Through the instrumentality of one Mrs. Tagoe, construction of a permanent structure for the K.G. was commenced. World Vision International later provided the much needed financial support towards the completion of the project. Thanks to World Vision International, the K.G. has its own structure part of which has been ceded to our sister school to house their JHS.

Pokuase Methodist ‘1’ aims at becoming a leading public basic school in the Ga West Municipality. Its mission is to churn out pupils/students who are God-fearing, morally upright, disciplined, confident, assertive and respectful as well as pupils/students who understand their environment and can manipulate it now and for future use. The school also hopes to continue to motivate, encourage and inspire teachers to give off their best to produce pupils/students who are functional in the society. Its core values are God -Centered, Moral Uprightness, Dedicated Service and Professionalism.

The Primary Department has eight [8] qualified professional teachers. Six [6] are classroom teachers and the other two [2] are a Ga Detached teacher and a Special Education Coordinator [SPED]. The K.G. Department has two [2] professional teachers and two [2] attendants. It is worth mentioning that all the teachers are Graduates and Diploma holders.

The total enrollment for the K.G. and Primary stands at Three Hundred and Sixty – Three [363]. The boys are One Hundred and Fifty Five representing Forty Three percent [43%] and the girls are Two Hundred and Eight [208] representing Fifty Seven percent [57%].

The primary department has chalked many successes in the area of sports and academics. It is worth mentioning that the academic success at the BECE largely hinges on the good foundation laid by the teachers at the primary level. The school is also privileged to be selected to be part of the Open Learning Exchange (O L E) Ghana Reads programme. We hope to maximize this opportunity to further improve the literacy ratings of the school.

In the light of the many challenges that the school is bedeviled with such as effective disposal of refuse, overcrowding in the classrooms and close proximity of canteen to the classroom block, the school is looking forward to improving the literary skills of the pupils (and academics as a whole), improving the conditions in the classrooms, and inculcating into the children the need to maintain healthy surrounding.

Community Education At Pokuase Methodist 1

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Community Education At Pokuase Methodist 1

On the 1st of February, 2013, parents of Pokuase Methodist “1” Primary School were invited to the school, for a Community Education programme. The programme started at 9.30 am, with a prayer by a parent. The head teacher after welcoming the gathering discussed the issue of reading difficulties in the school with the gathering. He told the gathering about the purpose of the meeting. He then continued to draw parents’ attention to the Vision and Mission statements of the school and what the school is doing to achieve its mission. The Coach...

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