Readers Club Formed At Akuakrom

Posted on February 24, 2013 | 0 comments

Readers Club Formed At Akuakrom

Reading, one of the four major generic skills, plays a very important role in the world of languages.

As the major widely accepted official language in Ghana and in education, the English Language and its challenges have caused students’ failure in examinations, and the pupils of Akuakrom Methodist Primary are of no exception. Meanwhile, it has been discovered that reading and comprehension has been the major problem in the school.

On 13th February, 2013 and 22nd February, 2013; the Akuakrom Methodist Primary School Readers’ Club was formed and inaugurated respectively. The club aims at:

  • Developing pupils’ reading skills
  • Activating and sustaining pupils’ reading interest
  • Developing reading comprehension.

It is the facilitators’ short-term goal to assist each member to read any material irrespective of its simplicity or complexity. The patrons are Kwadwo Antwi Oteng (Patron), Faustina Agyeman (Deputy Patron) with Supporting Teachers being: Mavis Ofosuhemaa and Dzotsi Wisdom Edward.

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