Community Education At Akuakrom

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Community Education At Akuakrom

As part of the OLE Team second monitoring visit to Sekyere East a couple of Community Education programs were held. At Akuakrom a total of 35 people attended the program which ended at 5.30pm. Central to the discussion was ‘what do we wish for our children that we send to school’.

This led to discussions on what were the bottlenecks regarding the development of education in the community as well as what parents need to do to ensure that what they want for their pupils are achieved. It came to light during the program that many of the parents left very early for their farms without making sure that their children were actually on their way to school. It also was clear that many did not show any interest ;in what their wards learn at school and therefore did not follow their academic progression. Many parents also did not ensure that their children learn after school or sleep early to get enough rest for the following day’s learning activities

It was agreed that:

  • A committee would be put in place to check pupils who loiter around during the evening and only watch Tv and videos
  • The community will bring to book parents who encourage their pupils directly or indirectly to watch Tv and video sometimes late into the night
  • Evening preps especially for P4 to P6 and then JHS would be encourged. Teachers would be rewarded for their time spent supervising preps
  • Well to do people in the community including the two poultry farms and gari processing factory owners will be contacted to help the school

Present at the meeting was the Queen Mother of Akuakrom and her elders who have shown great interest in the Ghana Reads program and education in the community as whole. She must be commended for her punctuality to such programs. She is always the first to be present

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