Reflection On The Teacher As A Manager

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Reflection On The Teacher As A Manager

As part of the second visit to Sekyere East, the OLE Team organized a half day seminar for the two schools on the Ghana Reads Program on the topic ‘Teacher as a Manager’. At Ogua the session was held outdoors and virtually all the teachers were present despite a strike action by Teacher Unions.

Teachers were asked to give a working definition of who a manager is and then asked to compare the duties of ‘a manager’ to the duties of a teacher. In their responses teachers indicated that a manager defined in terms of his/her work was a Planner, Resource Manager (including going on a staff recruitment drive), Communicator (on both internal and external issues), Funds Manager, Knowledge Up-grader, Talent Catalyst, Entrepreneur, Policy and Philosophy Formulator, Functional Analyst and a Motivator. They were then asked if they could on the basis of the of the comparism say that a teacher is a manager. Having answered in the affirmative they were called upon to question their attitudes, dressing, classroom practices, how they value their work, etc whether it reflected the status of a manger they claim a teacher is supposed to be. Teachers were reminded that the teacher as a manager manages the Learning (teachers do not teach), Space and Time, Use of TLMs and Human beings (teachers, pupils, parents, other community members).

They were told that to be good managers they had to:

  • have an in depth understanding of their managerial duties and responsibilities as well as ensure key managerial activities are done well and done right;
  • Work well with others and be a leader ;
  • Have desirable personal characteristics, be self motivated and motivates those who work with them in this case pupils are included;
  • Have integrity and stands up for their ‘workers’ (including pupils);
  • Be dependable/reliable, optimistic, confident, calm and respond but not react to situations, flexible, organized;
  • Have industry knowledge;
  • Be a team player and ready to collaborate with others, show respect for, and value, others contributions to the common cause;
  • Be a fair and firm mediator, an active listener, able to organize thoughts well, able to communicate effectively both written and orally, speak well in public; and be able to give constructive feedback.

They were urged to:

  • Want to be social entrepreneurs and agents of social change.
  • Love helping society, especially the kids and make them one step better than you met them.
  • See themselves as educationists not JUST A TEACHER. Bring some respect to the job. Love /grow to love the work that they do and do it because they want to do it.
  • Stop the ‘As for me I am a teacher……..’ mantra and contribute what they can to societal, community and family development: that they must know that only teachers can change how people perceive or think about them
  • Stop Grumbling and be content with what they have while they work hard to achieve realistic targets they set for themselves : that they must know that if the grass is green on the other side know that others toiled to make it so. The grass can always be greener on their side as well. It depends on how they tend it.
  • Commit themselves to their maker to give you wisdom, strength and good heart
  • Work on their human relations. They should always ask themselves: ‘will my subordinates (including pupils) do this not because I have ordered them to but rather because they will want to because we share a common dream?’ How do/will my subordinates ‘see’ me?
  • Show great knowledge of the work they do. Teachers need to read and make use of the Teacher development resources on the BeLL
  • Be time conscious
  • Be a role model/set good examples Be ready to serve and to learn Be ready to show the way by doing
  • Be innovative, creative, resourceful and be prepared to challenge the conventional approach to doing things and be the odd one out

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