Sarpeiman Conducts INSET

Posted on April 1, 2013 | 0 comments

Sarpeiman Conducts INSET
After receiving the equipment for the Ghana Reads Program, the Head teacher of Sarpeiman M/A Primary School organized an INSET together with the coach for teachers to familiarize themselves with the gadgets and also to discuss how to improve the literacy skills of the children in the school. The Head teacher took the staff through some of the techniques in 21st century teaching and learning process as well as the lesson notes template. The Coach, Mr. Frank Fabian Aidoo, took teachers through the resources on the server and the laptop as well as how to do power point presentations. They all then went through the process of syncing.

Mr. Aidoo used the opportunity to remind the staff that he will taking regular feedback which will cover planning sections example topical issues discussed, group work done ,multi task, outdoor activities, challenges encountered with the use of the technology recorded achievements, percentage increase in performance etc. He added that the Base line test written by pupils’ will be discussed with the head teacher at a session yet to be organized for Heads and Circuit Supervisors. He urged the newsletter team to complete the first edition quickly and advised teachers to up-grade themselves and be computer literate in order to face the 21 st century challenges with ease.

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