Mammobi Prisons Primary Carries Out INSET

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Mammobi Prisons Primary Carries Out INSET

After the deployment of equipment for the commencement of the Ghana Reads program, the Head Teacher of Maamobi Prisons Primary has organized an INSET for the teachers to discuss when and how the equipment could be used to improve the literacy skills of the children in the school. All teachers were present. Among major activities carried out included

  • the drawing of a timetable for the use of the equipment
  • teachers familiarizing themselves with the available resources for the Ghana Reads program,
  • teachers learning how to manipulate the equipment.
  • planning for the school’s newsletter.

The equipment for the Ghana Reads program was assembled for teachers to try their hands on them. The IT and the Lead teacher took the teachers through the setting up of the equipment. Teachers learnt how to set up the projector and the speakers. Teachers went through the resources on the PI, laptop and the tablets to identify which of them will be suitable to the various classes. Teachers also identified some of the stories that their children could read and selected one for the week.

As part of the training the school’s newsletter team was set up. It comprises of one pupil from each class (KG – P6), one teacher form the lower primary, one from the upper primary and the lead teacher. Teachers discussed the design and type of content for the newsletter. The team was tasked to start work immediately.

Looking at the positive attitude of teachers’ attitude towards the program and enthusiasm shown during the INSET there is every indication that the aims and objectives of the project will be achieved.

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