The Googlers are here!!!!

Posted on May 9, 2016 | 0 comments

The Googlers are here!!!!
Starting 13th May OLE Ghana is going to play host to a team from Google as part of the Google Reach program. This is a result of initial discussions between the two organizations when OLE Ghana’s Executive Director participated in the Global Women Summit held at the Bush Center in the USA last year.

The Google team will volunteer their time to work with Katapor MA primary n the Ga West Municipality, where it all began for OLE Ghana in its drive to use technology backed by effective pedagogy and teacher support backed by engaging content to promote quality education delivery at the basic level, especially in literacy.

The Googlers would also offer a day’s training to selected staff of the Ga West education directorate and heads teachers of schools on the OLE Ghana program i the municipality.

OLE Ghana’s Executive Director, Kofi Essien believes the Google Reach program will expose both pupils and teachers as well as key education officers to various Google apps and other technology that will enhance their use of technology for learning, teaching and office work.

Both organizations are optimistic that this outreach program would be the beginning of a fruitful long lasting relation between them.

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