OLE Ghana gets opportunity to contribute towards transforming teacher education and learning in Ghana

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OLE Ghana gets opportunity to contribute towards transforming teacher education and learning in Ghana

With the official signing of the Sub-consultancy Services contract between Mott Macdonald Limited (trading as Cambridge Education) and Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Ghana, OLE Ghana has an increased opportunity to contribute its expertise to the shaping of the future teacher force in Ghana. OLE Ghana considers teacher formation as being very critical and the ‘correct’ formation procedures and processes as a sure answer to the many educational challenges confronting Ghana and is therefore glad for this unique opportunity.

Key among services to be rendered by OLE Ghana under this Sub-Consultancy service is to develop a TEL-BeLL based on the OLE Ghana BELL. The TEL-BELL will ensure adequate facilities for the delivery of the resources needed for the T-TEL programme (including text-based materials as well as multi-media, such as video), including basic systems monitoring to all the 38 colleges of education in the country.

Other services to be rendered include. Providing ongoing Infrastructure support in the form of advice to colleges to support their existing ICT infrastructure (e.g. advice on repairing LAN, server management, ISP selection), Monitoring and Evaluation system and providing advice on the provision of hardware and software (Android tablets) to colleges, including tablets for tutors, tablets for use in class, and a “rent to own” scheme could be investigated (tablets and laptops).

The Transforming Teacher Education and Learning (T-TEL) project is a DFID sponsored Government for Ghana project. It is the third output of DFID’s Girls- Participatory Approaches for Students Success (G-PASS) Programme which supports the achievement of improves retention, completion and attainment rates, particularly for girls and better quality teaching and learning in Ghana.

T-TEL working with key stakeholders in the country’s teacher education system will focus on a cohort of 9, 000 trainee teachers across the 38 colleges of education in the country supporting principals and tutors to strengthen trainee teacher acquisition of subject content (especially in English, Math and Science) and their abilities to teach effectively to meet the varied learning needs of school children.

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