OLE Ghana Organizes Content Creation Workshop

Posted on August 21, 2015 | 0 comments

OLE Ghana Organizes Content Creation Workshop
Since the main Focus of OLE Ghana is on literacy and as such reading, the organization is constantly working on activities that are geared towards helping the Ghanaian child to be able to read in both L1 and L2. In this regard OLE Ghana on the 19th and 20th of August 2015 organized a working workshop at the Science Resource Center to further develop a reading steps guide based on the Ghana Education Service standard and milestones.
OLE Ghana had hitherto developed a reading steps guide which could enable teachers help pupils to learn reading but felt there was the need to further develop these steps to make the teaching of reading easier on teachers at the basic level. The organization thus organized a workshop where participants were tasked to create activities for each reading step developed to aid the teacher better teach reading.
Participants included circuit supervisors, some teachers and head teachers of selected school who are on the Ghana Reads programme as well as OLE Ghana coaches.
Participants showed a lot of commitment to the project and worked with much enthusiasm to get the work done, making the workshop a great success. To us at OLE Ghana this means that all is not lost and with a little effort, our quest to get all children reading will yield results. Let us all join in the fight to get our children reading since that is the gateway to all learning.

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