Managing ‘The Ghana Reads Programme’ in Ga-West

Posted on August 20, 2015 | 0 comments

Managing ‘The Ghana Reads Programme’ in Ga-West

In response to an invitation by the Ga-West Municipal Education Directorate, Open Learning Exchange Ghana on the 17th of August 2015 organised a one-day workshop to train Circuit Supervisors and Subject Coordinators in the Ga-West Education office to be able to monitor the Ghana Reads programme which had been handed over to the Municipality earlier this year.

The director of Open Learning Exchange Ghana who facilitated the workshop led a discussion on situational analysis, (needs and gap analysis) and SWOT analysis. Some coaches on the Ghana Reads programme who are also circuit supervisors in the municipality also shared their coaching experiences and to discuss how coaching is an effective tool for supervision and also how the Ghana Reads approach can help circuit supervisors manage learning, especially literacy in their circuits.

Participants then had a practical session where they practiced the earlier discussions. Hence participants were tasked to do a gap analysis, a needs assessment, a SWOT analysis and come up with a PMOP, indicating how they were going to innovatively meet the gaps indicated. Present at the workshop were circuit supervisors, who are also coaches for the Ghana Reads programme and subject coordinators from the Ga-West Municipality. Open Learning Exchange Ghana was pleased at the level of commitment exhibited by the participants and hopes the workshop would help manage the Ghana Reads programme in the Municipality.

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