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    Teachers on the Ghana Reads Programme in Fanteakwa on the 31st of July 2015 benefited from a one-day boot camp on literacy organized by OLE Ghana with support from World Vision Ghana, Fanteakwa ADP. The camp was held at Busosu Presbyterian school. It started with a general assembly of all participants at exactly 9.15 am.

    The Opening Prayer at the assembly was said by the host head. In his opening remarks, the Director of OLE Ghana indicated that from the coaches’ reports OLE realizes the potential of the four schools to be huge success stories. OLE therefore decided to organized the boot camp to give the four schools ‘one big push’ so that they can get virtually all pupils in their schools reading.

    The camp was conducted by a team of twelve facilitators from the OLE Ghana office in Accra. There were three sessions for the camp. Participants were divided into smaller groups for each session and had facilitators handling each group simultaneously. For each session the groups rotated among the facilitators after every 45 minutes. Topics treated ranged from counseling to reading steps, and a number of strategies for teaching literacy and as such reading. The teachers were also taken through the technology aspect of the Ghana Reads Programme.

    In all 30 participants made up of heads and teachers from all four schools on the Ghana Reads programme in the ADP were present at the one day boot camp. Also present were officials from the local education directorate. There was actually a visit by the acting District Director of Education for Fanteakwa during the camp.
    In closing the one day camp at 4.00pm, the Director of Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Ghana expressed satisfaction at cooperation of participants. He expressed the hope that when school reopened in September the fruits of the boot camp will be visible for all to see. He also thanked the ADP for the support provided in organizing the camp.

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