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As part of the contract signed with World Vision Ghana, OLE Ghana was tasked to deploy Ghana Reads to four schools in Krachi West. These four schools are Kwaakue D/A primary school, Kpatchu D/A primary school, Abujuro D/A primary school and Gyengyen D/A primary school, all found in Krachi West. Like all Ghana Reads deployment, the OLE Ghana team spent a week from the 22nd to the 29th of February 201 in Krachi West to administer the initial training and also set up in the schools.

The aim of the initial training is to help introduce the teachers to OLE Ghana and also enable them understand the concept of the Ghana Reads Project as well as its pillars. It is also aimed at changing the mindset of teachers and introduce to them the concept of the ”new teacher” and such was the case in Krachi West. The teachers in Groups were asked to discuss the role of the “new teacher” After which they discussed their ideas.

After the training the OLE Ghana Tech team set up the technology in the schools afterwhich the teachers was guided to register themselves and then their pupils, followed by a session with the lead teachers who were to lead the project in the schools. In all the schools each received laptop, projector, wifi device, raspberry pi, tablets, headphones, speakers, stabilizer, camera and printer.
OLE Ghana is impressed by the attitude of the teachers towards the introduction of the innovation and also their willingness to learn and is hopeful the introduction of the programme in the schools will not only help in improving the reading and learning abilities of the pupils but also improve on the delivery of the teachers.

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  1. Concern about the quality of education have emerged at the forefront of educational development in many countries including Ghana since the world conference on EDUCATION FOR ALL ushered in a new focus on the right of every child to HIGH QUALITY BASIC EDUCATION. Primary education is to prepare children well enough to be useful to themselves, families and communities contributing to national development.
    Countries with high results in international examinations are considering how to improve the quality of their education delivery. As such, many countries are focusing on the quality of what goes on in the individual schools. Teaching and learning processes are found to hold the most consistent effect on pupil’s learning achievement. This implies that the teacher’s role is an important one since he or she is the PIVOT around which teaching and learning occurs, and also to a large extent, the quality of education depends on the TEACHER!
    On behalf of the teachers in the Krachi West district, I say a big THANK YOU for supporting teachers with open resources, technology and the ongoing coaching for teacher capacity development and effective teaching and learning delivery. We are really seeing improvement even though we are having difficulties in handling the technology in our instructions in the classrooms and integrating it into the curriculum.
    We know with time(through in-service training on use of computers for research and instructional delivery with technology) 21st century teaching and learning will feel our touch.
    We pray to achieve the goals set.
    GOD bless OLE and its partners for helping our kids to reach their dreams while they learn having FUN.
    THANK YOU!!!

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