Managing of The Ghana Reads Programme: The Post All Children Reading (ACR) Sponsored phase

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Managing of The Ghana Reads Programme: The Post All Children Reading (ACR) Sponsored phase
The All Children Reading (ACR) sponsored component of the Ghana Reads program officially came to an end in December 2014. The ACR program was carried out in 20 schools in Greater Accra and Ashanti Regions. OLE Ghana has been meeting with stakeholders to start actualizing the post ACR phase of the program. One of such meetings took place at Ga West Municipality where the program has 15 schools.

Under the arrangements being made for the post ACR supported phase of the Ghana Reads program, the school communities and the local education directorate will be made to take more responsibility for the day to day running of the project. Schools and their SMC/PTA are to recommit themselves to the project by entering into a social contract with the local education directorate. They will be encouraged to use sustainability methods as suggested to them by OLE to fund the rather very low recurrent expenditure of the program.

As part of the arrangement at the district education directorate level the program would be placed under the Deputy Director Supervision of the local education directorate who will work with the team of Circuit Supervisors who acted as coaches during the program to support the schools. The local education directorate is to be encouraged to give special recognition (example a certificate) to schools who continue to embrace this concept, lead in the organizing of a special literacy based competitions for teachers and pupils, liaise with OLE Ghana to give special INSET to continue with capacity building and carry out monitoring

Open Learning Exchange (OLE) Ghana will continue to provide support for the program in the schools and directorates in the following manner:
• Content: the schools will always get free access to any new content created. Content updates are virtually automatic.

• Software (Applications) updates: These would be made readily available for free to all schools that have been on the Ghana Reads program and can be now labeled as Ghana Reads schools. These software updates are automatic.

• Technical (hardware/core IT): The system is such that there is very little to do by way of technical support. However we will always be on hand to provide technical support as and when needed. If need be the schools will be required to bring the faulty equipment to the office for work to be done on it.

• Coaching: OLE Ghana will continue to build a lot of local champions and encourage them to form a community of practice. They should then be able to support each other in the locality. Largely we will continue to provide coaching in the form of eCoaching. However we would work with the Deputy Director Supervision’s office to ensure that the gains made by way of coaching from the Ghana Reads program are spread across all Circuit Supervisors in the directorate. This will ensure that the Circuit Supervisors can carry out effective coaching in their schools. To this end, OLE Ghana will continue to assist the office of the Deputy Director Supervision to organize knowledge transfer seminars where Ghana Reads Coaches would transfer knowledge and experience gained to colleagues.

In going forward OLE Ghana in consultation with partners is readying itself for a national roll out.
The organization is in talks with the Curriculum Research and Development Division of the Ghana Education Service to fully develop the Ghana Reads online repository of K12 literacy resources into a full blown National eLibrary of K12 teaching and learning materials. It is the hope of OLE Ghana that the development of this National eLibrary of K12 materials would be started in 2015

The organizations plan to begin the development of the Teachers’ Mate program, a support system to provide for teachers a one-stop teacher support system complete with teacher professional development opportunities and coaching training programmes, is still very much on its agenda for 2015. This will ensure that teachers do not leave the classroom and go for ‘seat time’ training programs that take them away from spending valuable contact hours with their pupils.

OLE Ghana seeks by the end of 2015 to scale the program to the remaining 6 regions in Ghana so as to cover the whole country and then put in place steps to go international with the program. To actualize this, the program implementers have approached the private sector to forge a public- private partnership with them to execute this agenda.

OLE Ghana will continue to work with development partners and INGOs to further develop the program putting in place a rigorous monitoring, evaluation and documentation process to enable it share its success stories and lessons learned not only in Ghana but across the continent and with the rest of the world
It is our fervent hope that these measures being suggested would help sustain the momentum consolidate the gains made and scale the Ghana Reads and its attendant benefits to all pupils in 2015 and beyond.

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