INSET AT Maamobi Prisons Primary

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INSET AT Maamobi Prisons Primary

Staff of Maamobi Prisons Primary held an in-service training with their coach on 31st June, 2013 on the school premises. The participants were the Coach, the Assistant Coach i.e. the Head mistress, the Lead teacher and all the other teachers in the school.

The objectives for the in-service training were:

  1. To assist teachers be conversant with the resources in the BeLL
  2. To lead teachers discuss the modalities of the incoming games competition (Nkabom Adesua)

The Coach took the teachers through the teacher resources in the BeLL. It was found out that there are a lot of resources such as phonics, phonemes, consonant-vowel-consonant, word and sentence formation and others that will help teachers in the teaching of almost all the aspect of English. Teachers were pleased to know that apart from the stories there were other resources that will aid their teaching. The Head was pleased that teachers now had additional resources to support the teaching of literacy.

The Coach also took Head and the teachers through the modalities of the educational games competition which will be held in July among the project schools. She urged class teachers to prepare their pupils very well for the competition.

Before the INSET came to an end the Coaches took the teachers through the school’s website and stressed on the need to update it with current issues. Teachers had the opportunity to browse through the website of other project schools. The INSET ended with a prayer and refreshment by the Head mistress.

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