What We Think Of Ghana Reads – Voices From Katapor

Posted on June 18, 2013 | Comments Off

Aku Glifoli:- The things on the tablet move too fast when we touch it. The tablet helps us to learn fast and easy. We are using the computer to learn




Nyarko Derrick:
The tablet is very simple and also it is not heavy. I was confused when using it my first time. We like it




Sarah Tettey:
We read stories on the tablet.




Precious Abordzi:
We become happy when we are using the tablet to learn. The stories are nice. The pictures are also nice.




Emmanuel Dawasu:
I was very glad when I first saw, held and used the tablet. I am sure it came at the right time because I was going to leave this school when the new learning materials were brought. The day our teacher brought the tablets to the class and explained how it is used, I realized that it is not difficult as l first thought. Even now l can still remember the processes if you want to read the story and they are: Tap the Ghana read icon, Select your class, Click on your name from the class register, Enter your code, Tap on the story to read. This new learning material is going to help us in a long way by improving upon our English language. God richly bless OLE GHANA so that they can do better than all that they are doing now.