News From Sarpeiman

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News From Sarpeiman

A Dream Comes True – Head Teacher Tells School Management Team

OLE-Ghana a non-governmental organization has made it possible for Sarpeiman M/A Primary School to pursue its vision of becoming the first choice primary school in Ghana and Africa. The Head teacher Mr. Abel Gallant is so excited about having such a wonderful program in his school. In a meeting with the school’s management committee he remarked that, even though the program has just taken off, it is already changing the perception of both teachers and pupils’ about learning. According to him, the program has encouraged pupils’ to develop knowledge, attitudes and skills which is driven from concrete experiences and fun. He told the SMC and P.T.A executives during a meeting to assess the effect of the program that on Monday, February 25, 2013, the program started with KG1 and KG2 with lessons facilitated by Miss. Theresah Laweh and Miss. Emma Dzorvakpor, KG1 teacher and KG2 teacher respectively. He said it was really full of fun when children were learning with the projector for the first time. The teachers as well as pupils’ enjoyed the lesson and children were so much involved in the lesson. He said that on Tuesday, February 26, 2013 when P2 used the tablets first time was equally fantastic. In his words , ‘You could see that the children were really enjoying what they were doing.’

Sarpeiman Organizes First Community Education

The first Ghana Reads community education program has been held. It began with a clean up exercise. The clean up was done at the Sarpeiman Lorry station, the Chief’s Palace, the Cemetery and its surroundings. The exercise was used to officially introduce OLE Ghana (and the entire OLE network) as well as the Ghana Reads project to the Sarpeiman community. It was also meant to start the community education component of the model project. The crowd that gathered to watch the pupils and their teachers clean the community was addressed by the head teacher and two other teachers. The head teacher explained the Ghana Reads concept and what it sort to achieve. He appealed to the crowd to keep the environment clean and also pay regular visits to the school to enhance the co-operation between the school and the community.

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